A bit about Rose Goldthorp

Rose's screenwriter's portfolio (reverse chronological order)

Rose's director's show-reel

Rose's production manager's show-reel

  1. C.V.
  2. Example of a story-board
  3. Administration
    1. Examples of emails approaching locations for Watcher , and Silverville
    2. Examples of emails sorting out costumes for Watcher and Silverville
    3. Examples of emails approaching crew for Watcher and Silverville
    4. Examples of emails approaching cast for Watcher and Silverville
  4. Wardrobe
    1. Examples from costumes' design list for Watcher
    2. Examples from the photo.-inventory for Silverville
  5. Locations
    1. Locations information for Silverville
    2. Example of a locations ('event') permit application form
    3. Locations : A scene allocation list
  6. Props. lists
    1. Watcher
    2. Silverville
  7. Example of an audition list
  8. Equipment used
    1. Camera (photo. and info.)
    2. Sound (photo. and info.)
    3. Lighting (photo. and info.)
  9. Organisational wikis